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Shopping time with friends… So Monday morning came and I was buying my time before I called the bike shop wanting to know more details on the state of the Lawnmower…  Called them close to…

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Flowering a new idea

They say the 2nd or 3rd day are the most painful after a stack or something similar.  They weren’t wrong.  Yesterday I went to the doc, got checked out and X-rayed.  All clear, nothing broken. …

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The Aftermath

Everything is for a reason… All I can say is that I am so very grateful that my guardian angels can obviously fly and think quicker than I can ride!  It takes time to process…

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Le Taste Tour

Unleash the inner Foodie Today was a rest day on the touring schedule and decided to treat the tastebuds rather than on the bike sights.  Melbourne is known for their food delights so I rode…

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Mt (Brrrrrr) Buller

More meetings with lawyers and more paperwork.  Another lot of submissions and waiting… I’m finally getting the hang of last minute decisions on where to go riding next. Due to a predicted spattering of two…

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Time to thaw

A mini Gold Coast intermission I was starting to seriously be over being cold, and sleeping cold.   By this stage I was also really missing friends.  After 2 weeks of more trips between the Australian…

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Scrubbing in new rubbers

Melbourne – The Dandenongs & Yarra Glen Scrubbing in new rubbers Between paperwork, lawyer’s office appointments and the consulate, I managed to find and book in to replace the old and in with the new…

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Big Girl’s Bike

The time came that I was able to go from my P’s to my Open unrestricted license and eventually the lack of power of the CB250 just got too much to be able to bear. …

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My first metal love

They say your first bike is your first love. ❤️ Something v special, which will be the formative years you the rest of your riding journey. When I was looking to buy a bike after…

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Where it all started

My memory is pretty shoddy at the best of times. However one of the earliest memories that I have was me grabbing on the side of a wire metal shopping basket, zooming around the block,…

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Hola!! I’m a Spanish vertically challenged (1.48cm / 4 foot 11) rider, with: The energy of a lizard’s cut tail, The passion of a Spaniard at MotoGP, As annoying as a flea in the ear,…

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