The pleasures of bedding in a new motor

I wanted to make sure that this bike would be tried and tested, as well as having had its first / 1,000 km service completed before I left Melbourne.  And, since the sand in my Melbourne hourglass was getting smaller and smaller, basically meant that I only had 24hrs left to clock up 1,000kms beforeContinue reading “The pleasures of bedding in a new motor”

It’s like going on a first date…

Getting a new bike is like going out on a first date.  All giddy and hoping that it’s going to go well.  Butterflies in the stomach, with a healthy dose of nervousness and excitement.  That you’ll both get mutual good vibes and that your personalities will just …gel. That you both, “get” each other. YouContinue reading It’s like going on a first date…

Melbourne’s Westlands – the Badlands?

The week seemed to draw longer and longer without a bike.  It was ok for when I was waiting for legalities and paperwork with a bike.  Time just seemed to pass way quicker! But not here… not bikeless.  Time just drags on.  Waiting, waiting for any news! Spoke with the bike assessors over the weekContinue reading “Melbourne’s Westlands – the Badlands?”

Kanga Banga at Wilson’s Prom !!

**Warning a skippy was harmed in the making of this post** 😦 I can safely say that there is now a 3rd thing I hate about Victoria. 1. Ridiculous weather. 2. Melbourne Traffic. 3. Suicidal skippies…. Today started out as a gloriously un-rainy Melbournean day, getting ready and riding out still in the dark.  ButContinue reading “Kanga Banga at Wilson’s Prom !!”

Historic ‘Everything’ in Victoria

Day 3 For some unknown reason the heater which wasn’t working when I arrived late last night, decided to kick in at about 5am and warm the room up around 6am.  Bit late after I spent most the night wearing all my moto gear in bed!  Was not a happy chappie. Went downstairs looking forContinue reading “Historic ‘Everything’ in Victoria”