Goldilocks and the three bikes

One too heavy, one too slow, but one juuuuuuust right.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Valvoline.  This little girl was far from blonde, and definitely not called Goldilocks.  This little girl swapped from walking in the forest, to riding on two wheels.  But pretty soon, she realized she needed something extra, so she made her way to the closest bike dealerships.  She walked in and there, they were many bikes to try.

The first bike she threw her leg over, a Honda CB250, seemed very promising.  It was the lowest seat height of any other, it had a lovely sitting up position and it was red. J  However it became very apparent that red does not mean faster, where sometimes it would be easier to get off and could run faster that this bike rode! “No, no, this is too gutless, this simply won’t do!”

So off she went, and sat on a completely different beast.  A Suzuki SV650, which again seemed promising for it was lowered, had plenty of down low grunt, and had some sweet, deep Arrow pipe tones.  However within a couple of minutes on the seat, the talk was and bars were too far away, the bike was too heavy and she ended up getting fatigued with back aches.  “No, no, this is too big, this simply won’t do!”

She got off this other beastie and was looking around to throw her leg over another bike, when she spotted something that looked like a naked transformer, crossed with a prey mantis.  The body work was mostly all plastic-fantastic and was told it had a pretty good fuel range of over 280kms per tank. With a face like a smashed crab and the sound of an overpowered…. Lawnmower (no jokes!), she decided to keep an open mind and threw her leg over and sat on this beastie.  Her eyes grew wide.  Her arms and legs sat comfortably within reach.  Her right tip toe just touched the ground.  Ultimately it was Valvoline’s butt and the comfortable siting position that made the decision. “This bike is juuuuuuuuusssssstttt right!”!!

(New bike day! Picking it up from the dealer)

From that day on, it was the beginning of a wholesome love affair.  Where bike and rider grow with each other.  Acquire character together.  Make memories together.  And even have the same temperament!

This. Is. THE Lawnmower for me. 🙂

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