Limestone Lakes to Adelaide

Day 2: Warrambool, VIC to Adelaide, SA. 

The Airbnb place which I stayed in was a modern built home, which very good soundproofing, because I was out to the world and didn’t hear the massive storm and wind that passed over us.  SO glad that the Lawnmower was able to be tucked away on their side of their garage – protected from all that.  I gave myself a little sleep in so I would depart at first light, rather than in the dark.

Fueled up at Port Fairy, again another little sleepy seaside town, and kept pressing on to the border.  I was a little underwhelmed when I did come to it about an hour later as I think I was expecting a much bigger sign, archway or a BIG thing.  Not sure.  But did the obligatory photo op and saddle back on.

Border crossings within Australia don’t seem to strike me as a big fanfair

Literaly within 10 metres of each other were opposite signs showing the South Australia and Victoria border signs.  Kind of comical. During this stop, it was here however that I reasised that the topography had changed somewhat and in particular the geology had changed from light coffee brown colours to stark whites.  This was all limestone country.  And due to this, caves country.

Looking behind me into Victoria
Picanninni information board

Straight after crossing the border I saw a whole bunch of brown and white signs (here in Australia these generally means places of interest / tourism / distinguished landmark).  With some time up my sleeve, I was curious enough to go check some of these out, as I had heard that this area also housed a RAMSAR listed park (Worlwide Convention on Wetlands of International Importance).  This was the Picanninni ponds and surrounding sites.

Picanninni ‘diving’ platform

I can’t see the appeal to some about going diving in ridiculously cold water, but I know there are enough people that can withstand the cold to explore the wonderful, clear water world found here.   Still think you’re mad for doing so, but hey, who’s to judge?

Fauna reserves galore!

I got a bit lost with the milestone tracks trying to get back to the main road but I did manage to see quite a few caves that were lying in the middle of people’s properties.  I would have loved to be able to get off the bike and spend a day looking at what those caves or overhangs hid.

Picanninni Lakes isn’t obviously one single deep lake, but there are heaps dotted about the landscape.  This place definitely is a diver’s dream.

So I caught myself spending way too much time exploring these little alcove and lakes, so I knew I had to get a wriggle on if I was able to make it to Adelaide before sun down.   So I left the coastline and headed inland to Mt Gambier for a feed and fuel.  There too I was tempted by quite a few touristy signs pointing out various locations to limestone caves..  But no, not this time.  I pressed eagerly to Kingston SE.  Where another BIG thing was located for my collection.

Do you cray-cray?

Behold!!  The BIG CRAY FISH!  Got to love the orange 😉 

Show down of the oranges

Across the road was a roadhouse advertising the ‘world famous’ crayfish sandwich/burger, which I was fairly tempted to get – but alas no gluten free options available. And I am not too sure on the ‘world famous’ status as it was the 1st time I had ever heard of it.

Although I did settle for some fruit and nuts mix while I was looking at my phone – looking at maps, routes and messages.  It was here that I received a message from a gentleman rider that lives in Adelaide.  He had heard about my trip and wanted to know where I was, since he’d been let off work early and was willing to show me round the sights for a bit.  Cool! How kind!  Only thing was that I was all the way in Kingston SE and Adelaide was just under 300kms away….

Not wanting to lose this opportunity I told him that I could meet him in a couple of hours by hightailing it up the coastline.  Eventually we’d meet up in one of the seaside towns and then head towards Adelaide.  We made arrangements to meet up where ever we got to and then ride the outskirts of Adelaide

A gentleman on wheels

It was around about Meningie that I met up with this gentleman.  He decided to bring along his 1980 250cc Honda as he said he didn’t want my Lawnmower to feel intimidated.  He normally rides his beloved Goldwings.  However for where he was going to take me this afternoon, it was a great choice. 

With only minimal chit chat introductions of people and bikes, Eric then proceeded to lead me over Wellington ferry and to a pretty little town of Strathalbyn overrun by correlas for a short relief stop before we got to the serious business of getting most wonderfully lost in the twistes!   couldn’t even begin to recall the town’s or rd names, for I was enjoying finding my tyres edges & trying to keep up with Eric’s tiny but commanding beastie. Taking the corners like a pro it certainly made for poetry in motion seeing such a light weight machine…. There’s hope for little bikes yet! Especially seeing one that was older than me!  Only places such as Mt Lofty & Chain of Ponds stuck to mind…  Had so much fun I forgot to take photos. Except in a car park before exchanging a happy dance & riding off (literally) into the sunset!

Free ferries along the Wellington

Waiting for the real bike ride to begin as we crossed the river.  One thing I liked is that the ferries in South Australia are free! 😀  In Qld, not so much.

A humongous thank you to Eric the champ for having taken the day to show me some of Adelaide’s curlies, even after pulling a massive work shift the night before with no sleep!! Now that’s commitment!  All in all, After about 10-11hrs on the bike, straights, flats, tight twistes, deserted & then traffic, farmland, caves, lakes, salt flats, mountains, rain & sunshine – I was pooped. But with a smile on my dial.

Bike touring. This is what it’s all about!! 🙂

Some of the day’s ride

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