The Lawnmower Resurrection

There is always a silver lining to every cloud….although at the time you don’t quite see it that way.

During the week I finally got word from the doc that I have the all clear on the hand.  As it seemed to be the only thing after the skippy stack that was still a bit sore a week after it.  Although what he did say, was what I did have, however, was an incurable or irreparable healthy/unhealthy attachment to bikes lol

And Thursday/Friday I got the final word from the assessor – my 3 month old Duke 390 Lawnmower with 17,000km was going to be retired as a write-off due to the marks to the frame.  No! I felt a serious heart pang when I heard that.

The insurance company wanted to offer me a payout.  And although it sounded quite appealing, what was I to do for my transport?  Or even if I were to go back home? I just couldn’t stomach having to go everywhere in public transport and or simply take a plane back home.  Now that I have had a taste of touring… I just can’t bring myself to do it.  So after much pleading on the phone with the insurance company, and after having spoken with the same bike shop that I dropped the Lawnmower to, the insurance company agreed to give me like for like.  Well sort of.  There was already a new Duke 390 white / orange at their shop.  But it didn’t have all the accessories. So they had to order everything again.

Just a tad bit taller this bike

However this time, my Lawnmower 2.0 would have…. Heated grips! Unfortunately the only thing I wasn’t able to do, was to go to the assessor’s yard to pull off the modified side stand off the Lawnmower 1.0 and put it on the new one.  They were just so adamant that I wasn’t able to do this.  This meant now having to get used to a much taller bike, and sliding off the seat to stop or put a foot down. Annoying but I would get over it.

So out with the old… and in with the new!

On the weekend since we made a date to go test riding bikes with a friend, may as well also shop for my replacement touring gear, helmet etc J  Wasn’t the best of weather to be testing out bikes, but great to shop indoors.

Test riding bikes for her L’s / P’s

Oompa Loompa on an orange lawnmower will ride again!!! 

Already sitting on the showroom floor

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