Flowering a new idea

They say the 2nd or 3rd day are the most painful after a stack or something similar.  They weren’t wrong.  Yesterday I went to the doc, got checked out and X-rayed.  All clear, nothing broken.  Now I was taking public transport and walking to the chiro appointment. Definitely needed it.

As I was walking, it hit me that although Melbourne in this time of year is starting to get rather cold, and it is not quite winter yet, I was blown away by the types and sheer number of flowers blooming.

It was just spectacular!

Of course this also lead me to see an abundance of little honey eaters flitting around these plants.  I wouldn’t think they wouldn’t be able to have a good feed with so many flowers around.

Mother nature sure is creative.

No idea what any of these flower names are. Pity.

As I was walking to my appointment, I started thinking of where my life was heading and where I would be in a week, a month or year.   So hard to be able to plan anything right now.

So really, the only thing I was able to do, is focus on the now.  Never in my life have I been in such a position. 

I suppose each person has their own lessons to learn in life.  But it doesn’t all have to be hardships.

Sometimes you just have to see the little things.  Because it is these that give a splash of colour and brightness to what would otherwise be something drab or oppressive.

Even flowers that seem drab, are still beautiful.

During these times taking public transport and walking, it made me realise that when life tries to tell you to slow down, and you don’t listen; it will most likely force your hand. 

But when it does, it will still give you little bits of pleasure in between, while waiting for something better to bloom.

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