Le Taste Tour

Unleash the inner Foodie

Today was a rest day on the touring schedule and decided to treat the tastebuds rather than on the bike sights.  Melbourne is known for their food delights so I rode to check out the hub of delicatessen and tongue pleasures – The Queen Victoria markets.  Some of the oldest markets around founded in 1878.

Armed with loads of spare change and an empty stomach, I wandered along the deli stalls; a) first lap to get a feel for the place, b) to stake out as many free taste tests as possible to save some cash!   😉  I may be indulging today, but still trying to save $$.

Intesting way to keep the birds away from the fruit

The sights, colours, sounds, activity, smells…. SMELLS!  Oh, my gosh.  The smells were just tantalising every corner you passed.  Just mouth-watering.  There seemed to be stalls with foods from all over the world, and even some interesting sights too…Lol

Not in a million years, No. Just no!

Not something that I would be game to try, while I am on a motorbike, thanks! 

The sights, colours and smells from around the world in one market

After the first quick lap of the markets, and having mentally made a note on what I wanted to try and target, I went in for the kill…

Diabetic desserts

With $14 I got:

  • 1 banana and 1 apple,
  • 1 bun,
  • 2 delectable handmade chocolates (Cinnamon & Dulce de leche)
  • 3 cheese wedges (from Tasmania, Great Ocean Road & unknown locality),
  • Spanish Jamon Serrano
  • Tastings of fresh fruit, dried fruits, flavoured nuts, other cheeses, dips, crackers, olives, and hams….
Let me at it!
A Spanish merienda

Not bad actually and ended up with a full belly too.  A true Spanish tapas merienda was savoured today.  Yum!

This place is good for a half day out from everything to a first date, to simply come and watch the human-zoo go past.

Om nom nom nom… that’s what I was about to do

I hung around the city, went to look at some shops including the some bike shops, and waited for a friend to get to the city to help celebrate her birthday.  She had a voucher for a dinner in a very trendy restaurant (Om Nom) to keep today’s foodie theme alive.  

A sotry on a plate

It was a lovely dinner, the restaurant was truly spectacular and the meals were just as the glossy, professional photos in their advertisements.  The chef’s creativity was pretty damn good; and my friend even got a little message on her plate unexpectedly.

Yep. I think she liked the dessert surpise!

Bon apetit!!

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