The embodiment of Adventure

People you look towards inspiration

At this time I was learning that where the vision goes, the energy goes.  By now I’ve been in Melbourne for a bit and away from much of the pressures I had at home.  The heavy fog seemed to be lifting somewhat, and the more trips I would take, and the more people I was meeting on the bikes was starting to increase.  So I guess this was no coincidence that I met Simon (@tacbike) in the streets of Melbourne.

A young student with an XT250 completely covered in stickers around Australia… screaming out “I have a story or two to tell!”.  So I approached him for a chat and soon got talking about riding and touring tips.  He’d not long gotten back to Melbourne from a round Australia trip on his trusty, plastic fantastic and very capable XT.  Certainly way taller than the Lawnmower but had the rack and tie down points as well as several dings and scratches, that meant this bike was well used – how I like them!

The faithful XT250

I know my background story; but what makes a young noob to motorcycling just ‘take off’ halfway across Australia through some of the harshest environments and isolation?

I cannot come close to do his story justice, but was I was privileged to hear, will inspire anyone to try that little bit more, push that little bit further, think twice about using little things as an excuse not to ride (this includes me! Lol) No more using the cold as an excuse.

Pelting through the twisties on powerful machines may be a thrilling near-life experience, but so is plodding along steadily in the saddle through some isolated environment away from civilization, where you have no one but yourself in your helmet to contend with.  I think one of the 1000’s of squished bugs he collected in the outback while riding, bit him. And now there’s no going back.!!…. Behind the sunglasses and cool-controlled exterior I got a glimpse of a young trooper already planning for the next epic trip on his faithful iron pony.

Some people collect bikes, photos or even memories… I like to ‘collect’ the stories behind the amazing people through my travels. So when I started talking to Simon, and listening to his story, I was hooked.   I won’t state too much of his epic adventure, for I’ll just put his link here:
250cc 14000km Round Australia.   Basically a 14,000kms trip solo on a small bike, being pretty green to touring… I was impressed and more than a little inspired.

I wasn’t the only one that was impressed, and later I found that MotorCycle Magazine was also as impressed as they ran a 3 double page spread on this young adventurer.

 Needless to say a picture is worth 1000 words, a few eye raises and sometimes even sighs at the locations depicted in his story; and his photos do this too. 

From the city…

Which brings me to my assessment of his iron steed: From afar it looked as out of place as an oompa loopa at a Victoria’s Secret runway show parked in one of Melbs nicer city streets. With its rugged off-road look, slightly bent, as well as scratched handlebars & Aussie town stickers plastered over the tank & mud guards, with bits of red earth melded into its frame…However once you delve deeper into its story, you see it as a capable work horse, tough as jerky & even loveable. What it may lack in size, it certainly makes up for it in character against any adventure bike.  They say the bikes take on their owner’s characteristics – I believe this metal pony is well suited to its adventurous master.

So a big thank-you TacBike for your time this day and having introduced me to your steed. You’ve made this Queensland traveller very, very happy indeed (as well as newly inspired to tackle even bigger trips now!). 🙂

To the bush… the Xt250 goes everywhere

I wish you all the v best in your future bike adventures, which in sure they’ll be many. Keep adventuring, but don’t discount the lovely places in your own backyard! PS. I hope YAMAHA sit up and take notice & give you a new pony!!

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