The Olives & Winery Country

Day 3: Adelaide surrounds: The BIG Olives & Winery Country

I spent the next couple of days bumming about Adelaide, on foot for a change, looking that the city centre and some of the gardens around the city.  It is a totally different city compared to Melbourne, that’s for sure.  The city itself looked a bit less business like and more antiquated.  With older architecture and the building heights not blocking out the sun.  The city seemed to be more focused around aesthetics and gardens than simply a contest to see who’s the biggest building.  I think the weather is a bit different too.  Adelaide seems to be a bit less wet, although still cold, the air isn’t as oppressive.   I enjoyed window shopping and looking at the shopping centres, taking the train into the city and out again.

The rugged cliffs on the outskirt parks of Adelaide

But what I enjoyed the most was the outer suburb gardens.   They were everywhere!   The other thing that I noticed is that there seemed to be much more fauna about the place and even got to see some koalas!

One of the locals hanging out

I also did a bit of a look in the outer suburbs and areas as I found myself going towards the BIG Olives at Tailem Bend to tick that off my bucket list.  And as per all BIG thing, it didn’t disappoint. Couldn’t be called Mediterranean if I didn’t like olives!

Today was really about aimlessly riding around, where ever I felt that my gut would tell me to go. While I was out that way heard about a racing track – The Bend Racetrack – but I am not sure for what reason it was, but the track was closed down to the public and hence had to leave that aside.   Made a meandering way back to Adelaide  through the winery regions starting from Padthaway, towards Barrossa Valley / McLaren \vale. 

Info sign on the region’s wine past

But since I didn’t have the space or hardly drink, there wasn’t much point in me having any.  So back to the accommodation in Adelaide to give the Lawnmower a well-deserved bath and to start repacking the bags, freshened up, all clothes washed and dried, a check over and chain maintenance.   Tomorrow was pressing on with the adventure.

The Lawnmower hasn’t looked this clean in a LONG time!

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