My first metal love

They say your first bike is your first love. ❤️ Something v special, which will be the formative years you the rest of your riding journey.

When I was looking to buy a bike after getting my license, a lot of people were telling me to get the fastest bike I was legally able on my Provisional (P’s). They said that I would outgrow it too fast and would be a waste of money since I’d have to change only within a few months.

This may be so, but my car driving instructor, now turned motorcycle mentor after my exam, gave a piece of advice which I now would pass on to newer riders – especially non-confident rider like myself:

“If you get smaller underpowered bike first, you may outgrow it fast, but it will teach you to be sharp if you want to play with the big boys later…”

He wasn’t wrong. Within the first 3 months of having the little CB250, I was well on my way to outgrow it (not literally, but I wished!). With a whopping 20 horse power, it felt more like power of 20 tired, low slung ponies!

As I was spending more time on the bike, I became acquainted with the local bike community, and pretty soon I’d started making some biker mates. Saw some gorgeous places, discovered new hang out spots and also learnt a little about mechanics too (as the CB was sometimes a little electrical temperamental)…😏

It’s all about learning ‘the nod’, the biker wave, showing courtesy between riders by demonstrating the ‘cop-ahead sign’ and of course, respect.

Clocked about 25,000kms in that year, simply from day and weekend tripping into the hills and learning new routes. In group rides I was always last, most tired, but I think I would have had the biggest grin.

Many happy and interesting moments on this first of a bike ….The defining moment to sell and upgrade, was when I was riding up a mountain with friends, flapping and chicken-winging my throttle arm like crazy. Dancing on the foot pegs, trying to squeeze every last bit of horsepower to begins to keep up. However down hill, was the same as uphill… but! This time I was able to catch up, and even pass a few of the bigger cylinder bikes! 😆🐓

My skill level was increasing, my little hike had done a fine job of teaching me to be pick clear ride lines, to be smooth, not fast to ride. But all good things must come to an end and it was time to upgrade. 😄

RESPECT little CB250, respect! ✊

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