Another mountain – Mount Macedon

Hepburn Springs to Melbourne

It was easy to find accommodation in Dalyesford as it is such a touristy place, but the posh kind.  It is a nice town, with plenty of amazing looking houses, decked out with European style gardens and expensive cars.  The main street has a modern colonial look with stores that I didn’t dare look at price tags.  Through the main street you could smell wonderful bakery smells, mingling with other cafes and restaurants.

Since today I was going to be back in Melbourne, I didn’t really bother to look at the time and just went with what my tape worm and when it would tell me.  Packed my things from the Airbnb and left town after a quick lap or 2 of the main roads to see the colourful shops etc.

Feeling out of place in such a posh area in Dalyesford

Nothing much to report other than I took a little side trip to Mount Macedon.    It looked like a cool place to investigate from one of the maps from the information centre.  I didn’t really know what it was going to look like, but this is not what I imagined.  Again this place mainly took off due to the traffic going from Melbourne to the Goldfields and back.   It was all very well asphalted, signposted, and there were many, many pull over areas for picnics and walks.

Pretty impressive views

Right at the top I parked the Lawnmower, and as I was getting my riding gear off, all of a sudden I was surrounded by a swarm of what looked like wasps.  I was a bit startled at first, but then realised they must be after the heat of the motor.  The Lawnmower seems to be one of those bikes that pump out a substantial amount of heat.  However the more I looked at them, I saw that it wasn’t the heat they were after but these wasps were carnivores – they wanted bits of the smooshed bugs over my bike!

Canibalistic wasps!

After hanging about in the car park, and securing my gear, I took the well-trodden concreted path down to the main viewing platform where the large cross was erected.  Standing at a decent 21 metres high on the hillside, it sure looks formidable.

Impressive 21m tall

Built to commemorate anyone that have been battles, it is Victoria’s most prominent war memorial.

Meandering the paths, watching the tourists take photos, and getting my views of lookouts, back to the Lawnmower, down the mountain and headed into Melbourne…and the typical Melbourne traffic.  The rest was a bit mindless since my goal was just to get back to my temp accom to wash the bike, wash my clothes and commence getting my head back into the paperwork game.  Also plan my next moves, for some temp income and where I would be able to go next.

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