Time to thaw

A mini Gold Coast intermission

I was starting to seriously be over being cold, and sleeping cold.   By this stage I was also really missing friends.  After 2 weeks of more trips between the Australian consulate, the Spanish consulate and the translation office, I had enough.  I saw a flight special Melbourne to Gold Coast for $69 one way, so without thinking much about it, I booked it and I was lucky enough to get a return ticket for the same discount.  Bonus!

Before I knew it, I was on the plane on the red eye flight and back in the Gold Coast.  The relief of the warmth was instant happiness and made me feel a lot perkier J  It was almost like the depression I was carrying for so long started to melt a little.  The next morning I was energised so unlike me, I put on some running shoes and took off to run to the beach for sunrise.

Love this time of the morning!

The tranquillity in the morning mixed with the sea spray certainly invigorates you.

Recharges you even.  Perfect to clear your head.

This beach visit was a great time to give myself time to think about where I was heading next and what to do.  After morning’s run (more like brisk walk), I rang a girlfriend and we got talking about travel plans.  I still wasn’t sure where this whole stateless thing was going, so I was keen to make the best of it.  So, just as I jumped on to look at flight specials, we did that again and found specials to Cairns.

My favourite place in Australia.  Under $200 return, and being able to be dropped off and picked up at the airport? Sign us up!  And so it was, 2 days’ time, we were both heading towards the Gold Coast Airport for a girl’s trip 🙂

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