Moto Packing 101 – Long Term Touring

I have been looking at many other websites trying to work out what is the best way to pack the metal beastie to the hilt – packing for a non-camping tour.  One of the tips I’ve read is that anything you pack, any item, has to have at least 2 purposes. 

May be good for tools, but in some cases I’m not sure that’s going to be of use…
Weight closer to the centre of the bike and lower the better, is another little bit of a pearler of a tip. At the moment I’ve seen that the best way to pack this beastie is to put all the heavy stuff in the Ventura Mistral bag as far back as I can and have the clothes, wets & maps in the side panniers.  This way the weight is mainly on the pillion set pressing down on the read shock, making the bike feel a bit more centred in weight.

A list of the items I’m taking are below just for those who want to know what can fit into two 12L pannier bags and a Ventura Mistral 47L bag.  Keep in mind this isn’t your typical touring gear, since I’m moving to Melbourne and this is what I’ll survive on for the next 3-4 months, at least.  I feel that if I were to travel for only a couple of weeks, I would have ditched a lot of items.  Also some of the items I’m taking are a lot more bulky since I am heading into autumn and then winter in the southern states; and it can get quite cold there!

After many, many tries for practicing packing my gear, I was actually surprised how much you can actually pack into these 3 bags.  🙂 Probably more than the poor Lawnmower can lug up a mountain without feeling it!! hehehe

However I will work towards these two golden packing rules: You will always:
1) Forget something,
2) Remember to bring stuff you didn’t need to bring.

(All spread out on the bed ready to be crammed in)


  • 2 t-shirts (one cotton, one quick dry synthetic)
  • 2 long fleecy, quick dry sleeve shirts
  • 2 sets of thermals
  • 2 pairs Skins compression pants
  • 1 pair kevlar jeans
  • 2 pairs ski long socks
  • 2 pairs short sports socks
  • 6 pairs underwear
  • 3 Crop tops & 2 bras
  • 1 sleeveless feather down vest
  • 1 long sleeve feather down jacket
  • 1 waterproof riding gloves + 1 pair winter gloves + glove liners
  • 1 set fleecy night clothes
  • 1 smart casual, going out, long sleeve shirt
  • 2 pairs shorts
  • 1 set swimming togs
  • Wets – raincoat & rain pants
  • 1 Neck buff + scarf + beanie
  • 1 Night eye patch/ covering for sleeping
  • 1 pair of runners + pluggers (thongs/havaianas)
  • A hat + sunnies

Bike related stuff:

  • 1 Puncture repair kit with 5 canisters + spare wicks
  • Travel sized chain lube spray oil
  • 1 small container with alcohol spray + rags
  • A toolkit with extra couple of tools specific for my bike
  • Spare bike key
  • Bungy ropes, rope & electrical tape
  • Pocket knife with scissors
  • Zip lock bags, elastic bands, plastic bags
  • First aid & surgical kit with an assortment of chemist drugs
  • Motorbike lock
  • Selfie stick & tripod
  • Ear plugs
  • Torch with spare batteries

Electronic gear:

  • Recharge cables for: iphone, sena headset, USB mp3 player + extras
  • USB x5 multiple recharge port
  • Sena helmet coms
  • Two USB port converter for 12V motorbike plug
  • IPhone


  • 2 large laminated maps of area to be ridden
  • Motorcycling routes Australia books
  • Pencil & permanent pens
  • Travel diary
  • 2 waterproof bag covers
  • 2 inner pannier bag liners
  • Food for 8 days & meal shaker
  • 2L water (daily)
  • Powdered vitamin, antioxidant and electrolyte sachets

(One pannier packed with the pannier liner)


  • Sunscreen & bug spray
  • Jojoba oil
  • Travel shampoo/conditioner
  • Foldable hair brush with inbuilt mirror
  • Toothbrush & paste
  • Spare hair ties
  • Other female paraphernalia…
  • Lip balm (a must for any climate)
  • Shower cap (it’s handy to wrap around opened shampoo/soap bottle. If it does leak, it won’t soak your other gear)
  • 1 large, quick dry travel towel
  • Travel perfume (a girl might ride like a guy, but doesn’t have to smell like one!)
  • Travel hairdryer (a bit of luxury, and almost an essential for long haired peeps…)
  • And my miniature knitted travel buddy…. Hoot 🙂

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