Mount Tassie, but not in Tassie.

Melbourne – Settling in: First trip in

Mount Tassie but not in Tassie.

It was one week since the first introductory ride, and I am hungry for more.  I received a call from the couple that I met at the advanced group ride and they came through.  They took inspiration and organized a weekend ride to the east of Melbourne.  Towards the Gippsland area.  This was the 1st intro that I had to the area as I’d never heard of it before.  So the details were passed on and the ride organized – next weekend it was on 🙂

This week I had made the 1st contact with the consulate and was trying to ask for an appointment. Things move slow in government official things.  I just never imagined that it would be this slow. Anyways, not much I could do during the weekend so I was glad to have something to look forward to.

And so the weekend of the trip came, and I went to meet the group at our predestined location. By this stage I had been able to send the Lawnmower to a recommended bike mechanic to get a look over and a service after it’s big trip.  So it was running as smooth as a single-banger was able to.

Regrouping stop

Since this trip was overnight only, the luggage needed was minimal.  Which meant that I was able to play a little harder in the hills and feel more ‘flickable’.

Great vistas of the surrounding pine plantations

Again, this trip was a luxury for me since I didn’t have to plan anything other than what I was going to take in my overnight bag and I didn’t have to navigate either.  The Lawnmower only needed to be able to keep up with the rest of the 3 much bigger bikes.   Indeed it was fun, and it was also tough as this whole area is unknown to me I have to constantly switch between wanting to see the scenery and learn the roads or focus very well on actually riding to be able to keep up with the mob! I find it hard to do both as one slip can have big consequences.

Not much of an idea of where we actually went, but I do and can name some places:

Mount Tassie, Loy Yang A Power Station, Moe (where we stayed the night), Tarra Falls & Tarra Yarra Valley (my favourite so far).

We also rode through many pine plantation, which I am learning that there are so many of these surrounding Melbourne. Along with lots of logging controversies as well.  Regardless if it is native or introduced species, riding through thick tall trees on either side of the road, gives it a special feeling.  Of course it’s best if it is native old growth forest but.

Expecting avatars to jump out any minute
Tarra Valley Picnic Area

Since the rest of the group found Traralgon-Balook Road (connecting Tarra Yarra Valley and Mt Tassie) particularly nice to play at high clicks, they decided to do laps of this place and meet up at a certain time at the top of Mt Tassie.  Although I wanted to do that, I knew the Lawnmower was not match for the litre bikes, so I separated from the group and went exploring Mount Tassie State Forest and adjacent Calignee Plantation.

Stopped at many places that showed walking tracks into the forest, so many looked so good! I made a note where these were for potential visitations in the future.  I love bushwalking so if not on the bike; this is what I like to do.

Tarra Falls walking track

They tell me that the area is fairly dry at this time of year (and a few years of drought) so the creeks and waterfalls aren’t flowing as much.  However what the Victorians don’t know is that in Queensland things are soooooo much dryer than here, this place looks like a lush jungle compared!

One of Tarra’s many waterfalls

Once the meeting time was getting near, I regretfully left this place and made my way up to the Mt Tassie lookout to meet the rest of the riding party.

When I got there, there was already one waiting.  I parked and simply enjoyed the sun and afternoon skye hues. The temperatures were starting to drop, just as the sun marched on across the horizon and was getting ever so lower.

Glorious sunset at Mt Tassie

It was just magical… and so were the other rumbling engines that we could hear a couple of kilometres down the mountain heading our way… 😉  Once we all grouped together, we saddled up one more time today to ride to our night’s accommodation in a motel and go in search of dinner. 🙂

The next day, we:

Even a lowered Triumph was still too tall for me!

Made many stops….

Saw lots of stupendous sceneries…..

Made many U turns…….

Stopping to check the GPSs

Generally gave me a good feeling for Victoria’s riding…..

Arriving to our last stop for the trip

And got up to general biker shenanigans J

Fave spot had to be Tarra Valley Road… talk about a place that looks like Avatar movie sets! 
Can’t wait for the next trip!

A humongous cheers and thanks to Ned, Berty & Blim for the amazing route navigating, planning for a loop around Mount Tassie (which interestingly isn’t in Tasmania!) and letting me putt putt along with the group.  It was a highly enjoyable weekend. 🙂

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