These boots are made for ridin’

Melbourne  – Settling in: These boots are made for ridin’

I arrived to Melbourne to my temporary accommodation in time for the start of the weekend.  Which meant that the Spanish consulate was shut, however all the motorbike shops were open 🙂  Since living in Qld we do not have the full range of motorbike gear available to us, this meant one thing – shopping! More to the point… motorbike gear shopping!!  Yaaaassss.  First things first. Boots were on my list.

They’ve seen better days

My poor RSTs were no longer water proof and after 3 faithful years, 2 stacks, countless day trips and even more kilometres under their souls, it’s time to retire them.  They have definitely seem better days.  They kind of reflected how I felt.  Battered, weathered, cracked, shabby and tired looking.  So I made an appointment and I went shopping for the best boots I’ve ever had – the Daytona Lady Pilot Gore-tex boots.

Out with the old, in with the new! 😀

What a difference! What luxury.  Again, this was another metaphor for a new beginning for me 🙂   Bring on dry, toasty tootsies!!  (They better be since I had to donate a kidney for these boots!).

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