Passing on inspiration

Shopping time with friends…

So Monday morning came and I was buying my time before I called the bike shop wanting to know more details on the state of the Lawnmower…  Called them close to closing time.  They had lodged the paperwork and had chatted with the insurance company.  So had I.    They told me that they would be a few days to deliberate as I found out that my insurance company had a choice of either paying out the cost of the bike or replacing like for like as the bike was under 2 years old.  Either or I wasn’t too happy if either choices as this would mean that all the little tweaks and adjustments I had made to this bike to get to my height, would be negated on any new bike.

As I had a few days to kill I spent a while on the internet researching trips and daydreaming. During this time I was talking to a chick on the web that was just getting into motorbikes and had seen some of my postings – wanted to know more.  As it happened she was on a work trip to Melb, so we decided to meet up in the city and I could come with her to help her select some better quality gear, what- fors, whys and also look at potential new bikes for her (and me!).

So we went through many bike shops, tried on heaps of gear, talked heaps about bikes, riding for women and adventurous trips.  Something told me this lovely lass was going to go far in her riding career, so I took a punt and decided to contact someone who would surely be an inspiration…

As it happened, Simon was more than willing to meet us up after one of his uni lectures in the city, and again we all got talking.  Just to watch the synergy of people getting into sync talking about their wishes, fantasies and travel stories, you could just feel the energy building and building. The inspiration growing and planting more seeds in people’s psyches.  

People becoming so animated and jovial. 🙂  Sometimes I just like to take a step back and observe. Wonder what paths or trips these people have in store for them in the future.

And knowing that you can make new friends and the motorcycling community is an amazing place!

We left the shops and with some new stuff (I just window shopped), made new friends and strolled through some parks.   I love leaving seeds planted!

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