The Aftermath

Everything is for a reason…

All I can say is that I am so very grateful that my guardian angels can obviously fly and think quicker than I can ride!  It takes time to process a crash, or at least your first major crash.   There are some times of clear thinking and other times it’s all foggy and you wonder what you’re doing or simply replaying the scene over and over in your mind.

In one of those moments of clarity, I called and booked both a doctor and a chiro.   I knew from that tumble things felt a little out of kilter.   Nothing I could do now really, since being a Sunday everything is pretty much shut.  But the main part was that the Lawnmower was now dropped off and booked with the bike mechanic and assessor for Monday morning.   The guys at the shop were quite nice about this after I explained the predicament of the Lawnmower literally being my life at the moment.  My everything.

But as nice and understanding as they were, I was still going to be without my beloved for a little while – how long?  That was out of my hands…

But for the time being I was thankful that I had a nice distraction that would help me pass the time until everything opened up again.  That night I layered up, took a couple of anti inflammatories and went to bed.  Precaution more than anything as I knew I would be a bit sore, and if I could avoid that I would have a better night.  They did work to a point, but the dreams crossing my brain-scape, were weird and no doubt my mind trying to make sense of the happenings of before.  As it was I was also too excited and kept waking up thinking that I had overslept past the alarm. 

Sure enough the alarm went off and I got up, hurriedly changed and just as I was putting on my boots I heard an unfamiliar bike outside.   It was my ride 🙂  Didn’t dawdle too much when I went outside. A quick ‘hi’, run down of what my ride prefers me to do or not do as a pillion and we were on our way as we still had an hour’s ride before we got to our meet up point with the other photographer…. For ease I’ll call them P1 and P2 LoL 😀

The battleship galactica

A BMW R1200RT – talk about a comfortable ride! It felt like a moving lounge chair.  Today I gave myself permission to be ridden around, aimlessly, but enjoying everywhere we went.  I enjoyed being able to relax on the back, and throw the cares into the wind.  I didn’t have a preference where we went, how fast or where we stopped for pictures.  All I knew is that I was being treated like a Queen today 🙂

Bikes & Cows subjects

This was a completely differing feeling for me as I haven’t really felt looked after, and it is a totally weird felling. Completely foreign to me.  Being on the back of a classy, faired bike, with a great wind block and personal chauffeur, and guide.  I was imagining this would be the feeling that celebrities get when they drive in the back of a limo, being taken to some red carpet event somewhere.  Except this place wasn’t a red carpet; it was a green, lush, thick carpet… The Gippsland.  Gosh it’s beautiful!

In south east Queensland, this kind of green for grass and vegetation just didn’t seem to exist.  It looked fake, as if someone had played a tad bit too much with the brightness intensity.

For me it was hilarious seeing and observing both these gentlemen play with their cameras and do their craft at every nice spot.  Although they didn’t seem to speak all that much, there just seemed to be some kind of understanding on what would go on.

Just when you come up to a new group at a party and everyone is sussing out others, friend or foe, and observing the way others communicate, each with their own flair and style; this was no different.  Except it was done with body language, positioning, and it was interesting to see the differing position of cameras.  They each hair their flair and their own slant on viewing the world through their lenses.

No chance shorty!

At one point, I decided to check on the height of this spaceship galactica of a bike… My poor little legs didn’t have a chance at getting anywhere near the ground!

Fantastic, amazing, lovely hot chocolate!
The BIG magpie – maybe

We stopped at Poowong for some muffins and hot chocolate, followed by the closest BIG thing they could suggest in these parts.  Although they were embarrassed to be associated with this kind of shenanigans, they were humouring me and posed with the BIG magpie. 

The rest of the day, was just so enjoyable for me.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll just let the rest of the photo dump speak for themselves…. I was as happy as a gull with a chip today. 

Where next?

One of the things that crossed my mind while on the back, riding, was that even in my wildest dreams would I not have been able to come up with the possibilities of today occurring… I mean, the chances of meeting not one, but two motorbike photographers, and having them both meet. Or being taken on the back or shown around their turfs… blows my mind.

As the day started to draw shorter, it was P1’s time to say goodbye as we were close to the fork in the road for him to split.

The sun getting softer and getting lower in the distance, as I was being ridden back home.

High on life

Close to the edge of the city now, is where the sense of closure was getting into the pit of my stomach.  I didn’t want this day to end.  It has just been so, so nice.  It would be a day that would stick in my mind, for if you don’t take that leap of faith when meeting new people, you just never know how much fun or connections you’ll make…

The 3 amigos

Older guys sure know how to treat a lady well. I could get used to this. 😉

A spagetti bowl of a route

No idea where I was taken today – simply felt like this! LoL

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