Mt Buffalo & (mucho!) Mitta Mitta (Cont…)

Day 2 Part 2 The road up to Mt Buffalo, climbing on the Lawnmower was a breeze and the road surface condition itself was great.  Just a pity there had been so much rain in the area dumping so much debris on the ground, making things a bit sketchy.  Given all the minor setbacks andContinue reading “Mt Buffalo & (mucho!) Mitta Mitta (Cont…)”

Mt (Brrrrrr) Buller

More meetings with lawyers and more paperwork.  Another lot of submissions and waiting… I’m finally getting the hang of last minute decisions on where to go riding next. Due to a predicted spattering of two ‘good’ weather days, didn’t hesitate, packed the bag, loaded the Lawnmower and off I went to another mountain I hadContinue reading “Mt (Brrrrrr) Buller”

The Peninsula of the Rider’s Holy Grail

Melbourne to Mornington Penninsula – Day 1 Apparently there are a few things that can keep me away from the bike… Besides the ridiculously weird and wicked Melbourne weather; so was the biggest chest infection I’ve ever had in my life … It hit me hard and so so very cold!  I’ve never been goodContinue reading “The Peninsula of the Rider’s Holy Grail”

Another mountain – Mount Macedon

Hepburn Springs to Melbourne It was easy to find accommodation in Dalyesford as it is such a touristy place, but the posh kind.  It is a nice town, with plenty of amazing looking houses, decked out with European style gardens and expensive cars.  The main street has a modern colonial look with stores that IContinue reading “Another mountain – Mount Macedon”

Gold Rush steeped in history

Ararat to Hepburn Springs With a late night last night, and no real hurry to leave, it was a great sleep in morning.  With a long and recharging shower and a leisurely breakfast with more chit chat around the breakfast bar.  Touring certainly makes you appreciate these things in life. While having breakfast, I wasContinue reading “Gold Rush steeped in history”