The Goodbye – Gold Coast to Melbourne

Day 1: Gold Coast, QLD to Walcha, NSW Since at this stage I wasn’t sure whether I would be leaving the Gold Coast for good or not, I enlisted a ride buddy for the 1st day.  My riding instructor would ride with me all the way to Walcha for the 1st night.  Next morning IContinue reading “The Goodbye – Gold Coast to Melbourne”

Moto Packing 101 – Long Term Touring

have been looking at many other websites trying to work out what is the best way to pack the metal beastie to the hilt – packing for a non-camping tour.  One of the tips I’ve read is that anything you pack, any item, has to have at least 2 purposes.  May be good for tools, but in some cases I’m not sure that’s going to be of use…

Where the adventure REALLY started

I was not in a good place in life throughout most of 2015, and into early 2016.  My world was falling apart, and mostly all out of my control.  Home life, family life, work life, friendship break downs, relationship woes – the works.  All going down the gurgler in front of my eyes.  Panic andContinue reading “Where the adventure REALLY started”