The Arapiles / Grampians – Victoria’s Uluru

Naracoorte Caves, SA to Ararat, VIC Another gloomy and dreary morning.  With light drizzle meant that I didn’t want to get out of bed.  However seeing that in the are the winds were due to pick up, I decided to get out of there as soon as I could.  Packed the bags, went to getContinue reading “The Arapiles / Grampians – Victoria’s Uluru”

The Great Ocean Road – Kite surfer’s dream

Leaving Melbourne towards South Australia. Day 1: Melbourne to Warrambool, VIC Didn’t sleep all that well, due to the anticipation of the upcoming trip.  That’s normal and to be expected.  I am certain this isn’t something new, and something that even the well-seasoned riders get at the beginning or even a race.  Time stops forContinue reading “The Great Ocean Road – Kite surfer’s dream”

Mount Tassie, but not in Tassie.

Melbourne – Settling in: First trip in Mount Tassie but not in Tassie. It was one week since the first introductory ride, and I am hungry for more.  I received a call from the couple that I met at the advanced group ride and they came through.  They took inspiration and organized a weekend rideContinue reading “Mount Tassie, but not in Tassie.”

Introduction to the Melbourne Riding Scene

Settling in: Introduction to the Melbourne riding scene For this trip on a budget, and tight for time, I never invested in a camera or large laptop or too much technology.  I have an iPhone (not even the latest) and I borrow a laptop when I can to transfer photos to a portable hard driveContinue reading “Introduction to the Melbourne Riding Scene”

These boots are made for ridin’

Melbourne  – Settling in: These boots are made for ridin’ I arrived to Melbourne to my temporary accommodation in time for the start of the weekend.  Which meant that the Spanish consulate was shut, however all the motorbike shops were open 🙂  Since living in Qld we do not have the full range of motorbikeContinue reading “These boots are made for ridin’”