Where the adventure REALLY started

I was not in a good place in life throughout most of 2015, and into early 2016.  My world was falling apart, and mostly all out of my control.  Home life, family life, work life, friendship break downs, relationship woes – the works.  All going down the gurgler in front of my eyes.  Panic andContinue reading “Where the adventure REALLY started”

Goldilocks and the three bikes

One too heavy, one too slow, but one juuuuuuust right. Once upon a time there was a little girl named Valvoline.  This little girl was far from blonde, and definitely not called Goldilocks.  This little girl swapped from walking in the forest, to riding on two wheels.  But pretty soon, she realized she needed somethingContinue reading “Goldilocks and the three bikes”